Here's why you might want
halp from Bibi the
Consultant Coach Trainer aGeNT oF ChAOs

You want to bring link building expertise in-house.

Building a team takes time and training, and I can halp you survive that process.

You have a team, but they're not hitting their goals.

I can halp you figure out what’s holding them back and get things moving again.

You want to make link building part of your everyday marketing.

Let’s connect the dots between your PR, content, and influencer efforts.

You can do link building, but you're stuck.

I can give you fresh ideas and help you break through plateaus.

Or, maybe there's an entirely different reason you want me to halp!

 All good, send me a quick note and let’s hang out!

Consultancy Pricing

$1,000 USD per hour, paid upfront.

Requirements for training:

No worries, there’s no strict deadline for wrapping up the training. While I aim for about a month, everyone’s different. Some folks are good to go in just a couple of weeks, others take a bit longer, up to three months.

Training Pricing

$6,000 USD per trainee, paid upfront.