Natural Link Building by Humans, not Automation.


How awesome you've dropped by!  Relax, grab a coffee, let's talk.

You’re here because you know the power of good SEO.  It brings the right people to your business.

You also know link building can kick your profit into overdrive.  But these need to be healthy links, for long-term, no-risk business value. 

This is where I come in. For me, link building is a content marketing strategy that will accelarate the process of natural link earning.

Hi! I'm Bibi the Link Builder
Hi! I'm Bibi the Link Builder

Highly Targeted & Personal approach

I connect with quality link prospects that are extremely relevant to your audience. That's also why I want to know all about your business and market first. Because:

Only the right links from people with the right audience means more traffic that converts = more revenue.

And instead of just getting links & leave 'em, I build relationships you can use for any future business goals.

24/7 Reporting

Nah, you can't call me at 3 AM. But you can access online real-time reporting on tasks done, traffic progress and links built, at any time you wish. Even at 3 AM.

100% Transparency

You want to know exactly what you pay me for, and that's why I explain it here, in full detail. But in short it's: Great Content - Perfect Prospects - Awesome links.