How I got into link building.

When I became a mom, I decided to take a remote job as a social media marketer for a worldwide automotive trader. During this time, I was also building and ranking websites to earn an income to replace my job.

Once I was able to quit my job, I had built up a great network of SEO professionals. Some of them asked me to do link building for them, because they:

  • did not want to work with agencies or automated tools,

  • wanted someone with SEO-experience AND great people skills,

  • and most importantly, preferred someone they could TRUST.

So that’s why I build links in a way that is safe and spam-free.

I’m not here to pollute the web with ugly content no one needs. Or to send out 5000 emails to the wrong people. I know there is a person connected to that email, and I might need them later for further collaboration. So why burn through a complete market with methods that will be ineffective, or even harmful to your business later on?

Now here’s what I will do for you.